How to teach children mathematics?

Tips to be kept in mind while teaching your child mathematics:

Mathematics is one of the crucial subjects in a child’s life, and the irony is that it is often considered to be a phobia, a cause of stress and anxiety. This notion of mathematics can only change with effective teaching and knowledge sharing on both the teacher and the parents’ part. There are some ground rules that both the teacher and the parents should keep in their mind while teaching their child mathematics. Some of these are:

Tell your child that maths is not academics but a game: this in itself changes the child’s attitude towards the subject and make learning faster and more effective. Use colourful toys to make the child understand the concepts of maths better. Even the maths learning classes where you can RSVP now to use colourful objects to teach your child mathematics.

Build your child’s confidence: don’t scold your child if he or she cannot solve a mental math strategies problem . Instead, tell your child that no maths problem is so big that it cannot be solved and that he or she can always do it.

Maintain a steady progress system: for your child to do well in mathematics, practice is the most important mantra, that is, to say that the child must maintain a steady progress system to have a strong base in mathematics.

Interest facts about Maths: children are in general curious. Hence if you tell your child interesting facts about mathematics, they tend to get more interested in the subject. That further ensures a better learning.

How to teach your child mathematics:

Apart from the usual practice of sending your child to maths tuition which is immediately done by parents – RSVP now, there are other ways in which you can make your child have a better understanding of mathematics. One such method would be to ensure that all the mathematical concepts are clear to your child, this is further enhanced when you understand the aptitude of your child. Your child is either a fast learner or a slow learner. Accordingly, you have to teach your child. Also, unlike other subjects, maths need regular practice, or else, slowly but steadily the concepts would be forgotten by the child. Most importantly let your child understand how mathematics is applicable in everyday activities of life. This will increase your child’s interest in the subject and make it easier to assimilate.

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