The practical benefits of studying math and its applications

The practical benefits of studying math and its applications

To a student, math may not have immediate benefits. If anything, many consider it a nuisance especially if they are struggling with it. These students would probably feel differently about math if they understood how practical it will be in their chosen careers. Why is math important to a student? For a student to enjoy math and appreciate its importance, he or she needs to understand the practical benefits of math. Students who enjoy sports, for example, should be able to relate math to sports. Understanding the rules of the game is mostly about numbers. Being able to relate numbers with a win or loss will enable such a student to relate well with math and appreciate its application.

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In this article, Eric Von P. Valdez elaborates how math can be applied in high school and after graduation.

How to utilize math lessons and apply it in life

“Many students usually ask their Math teachers why they need to study the subject. For some, Math may seem like a useless subject that those so-called variables and random numbers serve no immediate purpose to them. During the 1920s, Algebra and more advanced mathematics were not required in secondary school as they were previously referred to as a “useless subject”. Read more here


Math has continued to be used in different careers and sectors of the economy. Technology, politics, sports, health, music and other careers have some components of math. The video games that the youth enjoy very much also have some elements of math. Getting students to appreciate the applications of math in doing things they enjoy will enable them to appreciate the subject and even aspire to succeed in it. RP News Wires has detailed information on the different sectors where math is applicable. Young people get very excited with some of the topics discussed in this article and it may serve as a motivation for those who have doubts about the application of math.

Progressive application of math based on age and in diverse career options

Mathematics continues to invigorate and deliver innovative advances to our culture and society, yet the significance math played in their creation usually flies under our radar,” states Lou DiGioia, executive director of the MATHCOUNTS Foundation. In celebration of the 25th anniversary year of MATHCOUNTS, the national math enrichment program for middle school students….” Read more here


Math has always been considered vital for those who would like to focus on science subjects. It forms a foundation that students of science need to be able to accurately relate to the other sciences. As much as science students need math to be able to fully articulate science subjects such as physics, art students equally need math because of the mental demand math has on the brain. Math helps students to think critically and ask necessary questions when the solutions given do not make sense. Math is not just about the solution but the process used to arrive to a particular solution.

In Mathematics Reports the role of math in skill development and economic advancement is further discussed. 

How math influences a student to develop skills that will lead to economic prosperity

“Many of the reports explain why mathematics matters, why is it important that we produce young people who are good at mathematics and why it has become increasingly urgent that we address the problems with mathematics education. It is generally agreed that ‘[m]athematics is a critical skill for all, including to those who have not achieved a Grade C at GCSE by age 16’ (Hodgen & Marks, 2013, p. 1).” Read more here

Math is the foundation of analytical skills. In school it may be about solving problems, but in life it will be about growth and development. For citizens to realize financial freedom, they need to analyze their income against the cost of living. All economies in the world rely on the analytical minds of economists when it comes to making important financial decisions. These decisions allow the different nations to compete favorably with the other economies. Some economies are strong because of the individuals who are able to use the foundation they got in math to correctly look at events before making decisions. Many countries are focusing on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) because these have in the recent past played a crucial role in the growth of many economies.

Although many students look at math as a complicated addition, subtraction, multiplication and division solving subject, it is much more than that. Calculations are being utilized in many careers including computer programming which is of great fascination to many young people. Being able to appreciate that what they learn in class will be of great importance when they finally focus on their careers may steer some of the students failing math in the right direction. Parents and teachers need to guide the students by outlining the value math has or will have in their lives. Sometimes, all it takes for the students to appreciate math is getting them to accept it will be part of their lives for a very long time.  


Practical ways in which math can be taught with the aim being cognitive development

“As America bemoans its woeful performance in math, we should remind ourselves why we want our kids to do well in math in the first place. Sure, we need the inventive geniuses who make our society better: someone’s got to cure cancer, and build a better iPhone antenna, and develop cheap renewable energy to spare our planet. But innovation is just part of the equation.” Read more here

Questions have been raised on the quality of math being taught in schools today. Should the content be changed to suit the demands in society today? Should students be exposed to real life scenarios as they attempt to solve math problems? This will prepare them for scenarios which will demand analysis. Otherwise, they will get too excited by huge figures without analyzing how practical those figures are. Many people fall prey to con artists who offer them deals which are too good to be true because they ignored the obvious. If the victims made attempts to understand the offers, many would have known right away that there was some thing wrong. By allowing the students to think critically of the problems presented to them, they will not make decisions based on the face value, but instead focus on the facts.

Raising a generation of children who love, enjoy and can conceptualize math based on real life is investing in future generations of children who will appreciate the value of math. How today’s society perceives math is very telling of what future generations will think of it. Placing a high value to this particular subject and the lessons derived from it will help students grow to be effective managers and even better parents as they will help instill the value of math in their children.

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