Why Speaking English is the Best Way to Learn It

Why Speaking English is the Best Way to Learn It

One of the reasons why children find it easier to learn languages is because they are not scared to speak it. They are not afraid of making mistakes neither do they take offense when they are corrected should they make a mistake. Adolescents and adults experience difficulty is learning English, especially when it comes to pronunciation. Instead of learning English through speech, many older people opt to memorize words. This is a much harder way of learning that makes the process unnatural since besides learning how to pronounce, one has to work too hard to remember what he has learnt. This process takes the fun out of learning and instead turns it into a chore.

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In this article, Wil discusses some of the benefits of speaking English as one learns it.

Advantages of speaking English when learning it

“All too often people spend all of their time studying grammar and memorizing lists of words instead of actually going out there and putting what they’ve learned into practice. Anyone who’s taken the plunge and moved away from home to study English, or moved abroad to work or travel, will tell you just how quickly their English skills improve. While studying the written language….” read more here

When one opts to learn English by speaking it, he or she will realize that people are willing to help them get it right. This motivates the learners to talk more and in the long run, reduces the time it takes to learn the language since progress is made faster. Speech is also an excellent way for one to become fluent when it comes to spoken and written English. It is impossible to make errors when writing if one speaks fluently. The outcome for students is excelling in the language while adults become confident when it comes to communication, especially with native English speakers. This confidence makes it possible for students of English to travel or possibly apply for jobs without worrying about their ability to communicate.

This article by the word dive team focuses on the value of building vocabulary when learning English.

The importance of vocabulary when learning English

“As discussed in the first post, vocabulary was for long an overlooked aspect of learning a new language. During the last decades, however, the vocabulary has moved from the periphery into a central position. Even a quick look at the recent linguistic research (1) reveals that more and more attention has been given to this disregarded “Cinderella of foreign language learning” (2).” read more here

One’s proficiency in the English language is often determined by his or her proper use of vocabulary. English is a language that has so many words, and it is important for readers to build their vocabulary. One way of doing this is by developing a reading culture. The more words one learns, the greater his or her reach, especially when communicating. .However, confidence in the language plays a key role when it comes to usage of words learnt. The more one reads and communicates, the more natural it is for one to improve his or her vocabulary base.

In this article, Steven Wong discusses the importance of being multi-lingual, especially if English is one’s second language.


The importance of learning English as a second language

“Despite all the reasons you’ve very likely heard about the benefits of learning another language – good for your degree, good for your travels, good for your career – some people seem to think that being multilingual isn’t all that important anymore. We’re here to remind you that not only is it important, it may very well be necessary.” read more here

More than 1.5billion people speak English worldwide. English is no longer a language non-natives can ignore. It is a universal language that makes it possible for people to broker business deals. Migration is also inevitable since there is no guarantee that one will live where he or she was born. It has become necessary for people to prepare for future opportunities. Family structures are also changing as people of different nationalities intermarry. To communicate effectively with people from various cultures, learning English has become vital.

It is essential for English students to appreciate the value of practicing what they learn. One way of doing this is through speaking the language. Instead of worrying about making mistakes, students should consider the benefit of learning the right pronunciation and the correct use of grammar. English is a versatile language that has so many words. Finding different ways of learning it is the best way to perfect the language. Exploring different ways of learning the language will also help students to figure out which method works best for them.

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